About Us

We are here to help every Organization in building their Voice Interactions, be it for internal purpose or external. Our Platform is agnostic to Use Cases, is supported by Cloud and is powered by AI (ASR + NLU).

Our Platform allows Enterprises to integrate with any other data source, to make the most meaningful conversations possible for Users. What this does is, create a smooth exchange of information in the modern & individualized way.

The Platform has a secure, scalable and yet flexible database with customizable workflows (interactions). Admins are allowed to do Trend Analysis on the collected data, along with Reporting & Escalations. For the Users, Reminders, Triggers, Tips, Knowledge Material, Notifications on their internet devices. Importantly, no additional device is needed, iOS & Android Cell Phones are our favorite.

Organizations get 3-way interactions with infinityvi - App on its own for standard things, Admin Team for special routines and Individual themself for personal use.

Voice Interactions are the ultimate experience, because it is a natural extension of humans and how we communicate.

Use Cases

For Every Organization.